New Single: Shine

Seattle singer-songwriter, Allison Preisinger, makes music that resembles the dawn chill running through handmade wind chimes. Her songs are the hoot of the dusk owl in a hollowed-out oak tree. The crackle of a fire, contained in stone but burning bright as the North Star. Preisinger’s latest single, “Shine,” showcases this innate sense of ethereal encouragement that Preisinger blends with crystal clear intention. Rise and shine, she entreats, and with each note like a helping hand, Preisinger rustles you up and at ‘em.   

Sometimes a guitar can be a cabin in the thick woods. Sometimes a song can be a family story passed down through generation to preserve what matters. Preisinger imbues all these realties in her work. Rooted in the Pacific Northwest, Preisinger is, through some sonic alchemy, a combination of Americana and skyscrapers, moss and twinkling magic. She is an apartment, warmed, as you come in from the cold, wet storm. Harkening to greats like Joni Mitchell and Carole King, Preisinger tells it like it is while ensuring a bit of brightness finds you just the same.   

Her latest single, “Shine,” which Preisinger wrote for her husband and performed for him at their wedding, will feature on Preisinger’s forthcoming album. Her prior release, 2016’s The Jade EP, her third to date, earned acclaim from Seattle music fans and attention from those searching for kind, insightful songs. With a propensity for showing up at wineries and weddings, Preisinger is a mainstay in the Seattle music community. The multi-instrumentalist and graduate of Boston’s famed Berklee College of Music knows one thing for sure: music is the light cresting just beyond.  



Tunes & Tales 2021 by Bushwick Northwest

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Join us over zoom for an interactive and entertaining evening of Tunes & Tales as we raise funds for the STYLE program (Songwriting Through Youth Literature Education) and The Bushwick Book Club Seattle!

The program will feature stories , music, a silent auction, and a raffle. Each team (breakout room) will enjoy unique entertainment while collaborating with your team members. And, of course, a live Bushwick Book Club quiz! Purchase VIP tickets and Bushwick goodies will be mailed to your home to be enjoyed during the event!