Northwest musicians and fans have described Seattle singer-songwriter Allison Preisinger’s music as raw and honest. Her writing and performances provide a combination of the sincerity of an unplugged Eric Clapton with the melodic poetry of a solo Joni Mitchell.


Bushwick Book Club (Seattle)  

I'll be part of the Bushwick Book Club (Seattle) performance of songs inspired by Steve Martin's "Born Standing Up"!

Bushwick Book Club - "Born Standing Up"
Dusty Strings
Fremont, Seattle
April 3

Going to be a really fun night, featuring songs by myself and these folks:
Simon Kornelis
Alice Howe
Mike Votava
Nancy K Dillon
Tobias the Owl
Dean Moody
Michael Wallenfels
Emmett Montgomery

and more...


Allison's 2nd Album - Be Heard

Messengers of Summertime - Video by Carin Jones

Busking Downtown Seattle Summer 2014

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