Northwest musicians and fans have described Seattle singer-songwriter Allison Preisinger’s music as raw and honest. Her writing and performances provide a combination of the sincerity of an unplugged Eric Clapton with the melodic poetry of a solo Joni Mitchell.


Messengers of Summertime in a Cute Video 

I've been admiring fellow Pacific Northwestern creative artist Carin Jones' jewelry for a number of years now. She happens to enjoy my music as well. Recently she asked my permission to use "Messengers of Summertime" for a video project she was putting together and I happily agreed! The results are beautiful, fun, and perfect for the song!
The video is currently on my homepage or can be found here!
Check out Carin's jewelry at!


Allison's 2nd Album - Be Heard

Messengers of Summertime - A Video by Carin Jones

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