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Northwest musicians and fans have described Seattle singer-songwriter Allison Preisinger’s music as raw and honest. Her writing and performances provide a combination of the sincerity of an unplugged Eric Clapton with the melodic poetry of a solo Joni Mitchell.

Lately you can find Allison performing at a variety of Northwest venues, including the Conway Muse and Anelia's in Skagit Valley, parks in downtown Seattle, and cozied up in someone's home with their closest friends and family for an intimate evening art sharing. 

Preparing to record her third album, Allison is excited to get in the studio again this November for a 2016 release.



Jade EP - Getting Closer! 

Definitely getting closer to creating the Jade EP through Kickstarter! Thank you!!

Blue Eyes - Calgary House Concert Sept 2015

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Allison's 2nd Album - Be Heard

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