Northwest musicians and fans have described Seattle singer-songwriter Allison Preisinger’s music as raw and honest. Her writing and performances provide a combination of the sincerity of an unplugged Eric Clapton with the melodic poetry of a solo Joni Mitchell.


Happy New Year! 

I'm excited for 2015! I have some new material I'm working on, a new song recorded for a video I'll be releasing early on in the year, and have plans for lots of performing throughout the year! Also, new for me this year, I will be an Aunt! If he hasn't already been born by the time I'm typing this, my nephew will be joining us in this world very soon. I don't think I could handle being any more excited!
Here's to all of you in the New Year and to happy, new adventures!

Allison's 2nd Album - Be Heard

Messengers of Summertime - A Video by Carin Jones

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